Knowledge / Responsability


What we offer
In a period in which adventure tourism is developing in Cape Verde, and while local legislation enables anyone to set up as a local guide or agency, NOBAI, as the market leader and first trekking agency established in the country, is the only structure offering guaranteed specialist knowledge. The mountains are our business and our expertise stems from French state-certified alpine training courses. For your trip, we provide you with:

  • In-depth knowledge of the terrain which enables us to fulfil your wishes and to advise you how best to discover the archipelago, taking you both to unmissable places and to places that nobody else thinks of visiting…
  • A thorough, serious and competent approach developed during several years organising trips for both individuals and groups on behalf of the biggest French walking holiday tour operators. We have organised treks in the Alps, on the island of Reunion, in Sao Tome and Principe, Mozambique and Cape Verde, enabling us today to offer trips that are well-balanced and perfectly adapted to your level and your ambitions.
  • Well-honed logistics and quality equipment (muleteers, cook, tents, mattresses, minibuses and all-terrain vehicles) that overcome obstacles and open up a wide range of possibilities.

RESPONSIBILITY / Respect & gratitude

Responsible tourism
NOBAI has been committed since its creation to the development of a respectful and fair form of tourism.
Among the main axes of our development policy:

  • Training and knowledge transfer has been one of our main projects over recent years. We recruit and train our guides from A to Z in the skills required to lead and manage a group, in knowledge of the natural environment and in lifesaving techniques, and each summer several of them undertake an advanced guiding course with us in the Alps.
  • Promoting better distribution of the benefits of tourism. By means of a system of micro-credit that can be reimbursed through services, we help several of our partners to become independent: assistance with setting up a small restaurant, financing refurbishment work and equipment for homestay rooms, financial support for the purchase of a minibus etc. In this context, we offer 100% homestay trips to enable rural communities to benefit from tourism.
  • There are few female guides across the world. Yet Nobai has as many female as male guides. They show every day in the field that they are by no means the “weaker” sex.
  • Without making a show of it, we dedicate part of our profits to a number of social projects. We help projects including an association for the visually impaired and centres for street children.