Nobai covers all of the archipelago’s islands.

Our hiking trips are divided into four categories from the most rustic to the most comfortable: traditional bivouac trips, homestay accommodation in the homes of Cape Verdean families, a trip based in classic boarding houses, and finally an island taster taking in some of the more luxurious accommodation available.

For each of these options, you can choose to set off on your own with a road book and a map, accompanied by a guide, or pick the intermediate option of a trainee guide. (Subject to availability)

Finally, for each of these options we propose ready-made programmes, but we can also work with you to develop a made-to-measure trip to suit your wishes and level of activity.

Traditional trips

Do you like the idea of sleeping on a camping mattress beneath the stars and taking your shower in an irrigation canal?
Then our traditional trips are perfect for you! In many parts of the island, particularly the most remote areas, there is no accommodation for visitors. So to visit these areas, you must pack a sleeping bag, a mattress and a sense of adventure. Most nights will be spent on the roof of a house whose owners will cook for you and share their facilities.
For some remote regions, we recommend that you are accompanied by a guide or trainee guide who will help you find your way and act as liaison with your hosts, who may be unused to welcoming walkers. The ideal solution is that you carry all your equipment in your bag during the trek; your baggage can be transferred (by vehicle and mule), but this may sometimes entail a significant additional fee. On this type of holiday, you lose a little comfort, but gain enormous authenticity!
Examples: 6 days’ immersion in rural life, 15 days’ complete crossing with trainee guide, made-to-measure: contact us

6 days walking on Santo Antao: immersion in rural life, self-guided.
A meandering itinerary during which you meet many Cape Verdeans: transfers on first and last days only. Hikes through different landscapes on each day, with short stages to give you the time to get to know your hosts, wander through the villages, give a hand in the kitchen etc. Summary programme:

  • Day 1: Boat to Santo Antao. Transfer to the “estrada da corta” (Rope Road) and hike to Manuel Ribero (Rª Grande).
  • Day 2: Climb and night in the valley of Chã de Pedras.
  • Day 3: Ascent of the cliff to Chã de Compainha and night on the plateau.
  • Day 4: Crossing of the plateau and wooded ridges to Pico Da Cruz.
  • Day 5: Spectacular descent into Paul.
  • Day 6: Hike through the valleys of Paul, then return to the port and Mindelo in the late afternoon.

Price per person: contact us

11 days, Santo Antao: the Great Diagonal with guide.
A sporting trip in which you cross Santo Antao completely, discovering the most isolated and authentic areas of the island. Summary programme:

  • Day 1: Boat to Porto Novo, transport to Tarrafal de Monte Trigo, night at Tarrafal.
  • Day 2: Fishing boat to Monte Trigo, climb to the Norte plateau.
  • Day 3: Possible summit of the island and descent to Ribera das Patas.
  • Day 4: Col de Forquinha and night at Alto Mira, and start of the discovery of the hidden valleys.
  • Day 5: The coast and climb into Ribera de Figueiras.
  • Day 6: Hike to Chã d’Igreja.
  • Day 7: Col de Mocho and Chã de Pedras.
  • Day 8: Climb to the plateau of Lagoa.
  • Day 9: Descent into Paul.
  • Day 10: Climb to Pico da Cruz.
  • Day 11: Descent into Janela and Penede, return ferry to Mindelo.

Price per person: contact us

Homestay trips

Over the years, we have convinced many of our Cape Verdean friends to open a room in their home and their table to visitors. We can thus now offer trips with accommodation entirely in the homes of local people. An excellent way to discover one of the most stimulating features of Cape Verde: its people! The families squeeze up for the night so that you have your own room, or offer you their guest room, or the room of their son who is studying in Brazil… Although there will be no hot water, the bathrooms generally offer all modern conveniences, and the home cooking is always better than the restaurants. These trips work perfectly as self-guided holidays. And of course if you would like to be accompanied by a guide for part or all of your trip in order to learn more about the country, this is possible too. For those on a restricted budget, some of the transfers can be made using local public minibuses.

7 days, Sao Vicente and Santo Antao homestay
A self-guided trip encountering contrasting landscapes and welcoming inhabitants from two neighbouring islands in the north of the archipelago, with accommodation in family homes. Summary programme:

  • Day 1: Night at Mindelo.
  • Day 2: Ferry to Santo Antao, transfer to Ribera d’Alto Mira and hike to Ribeira das Patas. Homestay accommodation for two nights.
  • Day 3: Hike on the Norte plateau.
  • Day 4: Descent into Ribeira da Torre. Homestay accommodation for two nights.
  • Day 5: Coast path to Ponta do Sol.
  • Day 6: Discovery of Paul. Homestay accommodation for one night.
  • Day 7: Walk to Janela, transfer to Porto Novo, return to Mindelo. Last night’s homestay accommodation.

Price per person: contact us

Accommodation in classic boarding houses

Over recent years, numerous Cape Verdean boarding houses have opened throughout the country. For those desiring a good bed and a private bathroom, this is the best way to travel. By staying for a few days in one place, you can hike around the area before moving on to discover another sector of the island or one of the neighbouring islands.

7 days on Fogo and Brava
Self-guided trip visiting two very different and complementary faces of the south of the archipelago: Fogo and its wild volcanic landscapes, Brava and its intact colonial architecture, flower-filled streets and picturesque green countryside. Summary programme:

  • Day 1: Arrival at Fogo and climb to the crater of Chã das Caldeiras.
  • Day 2: Ascent of the Pico with local guide.
  • Day 3: Descent to Mosteiros and ferry for Brava in the evening.
  • Day 4: Discovery of the mountains of Brava.
  • Day 5: Discovery of the coast of Brava.
  • Day 6: Return to Fogo and Sao Filipe. Excursions possible.
  • Day 7: End of the trip and departure

Price per person: contact us

Comfort and style trips

There is very little more luxurious accommodation in Cape Verde. However, some is on offer for those who want to combine the pleasure of hiking with the comfort of well-appointed accommodation.
You can then set off for a self-guided hike or with one of our guides, who will organise everything for you.

3 days Essential Santo Antao, guided trip.
Discover the contrasting faces of Cape Verde in as much comfort as possible. Comfortable accommodation, à la carte hiking and a guide attentive to every detail. Summary programme:

  • Day 1: Boat for Santo Antao, discovery of the wooded ridges of the island. Night at Pedracin.
  • Day 2: Coastal path, discovery of Ponta do Sol, continuing to Paul. Night at L’Aldeia Manga.
  • Day 3: Discovery of Paul. Return for the night at L’Aldeia Manga.
  • Day 4: Ferry in the morning and end of the trip. Possibility to end with several days on the coast, at Residençial Goa, for example.

Price per person: contact us

Guided or not?
Nobai offers three solutions:

Self-guided hikes with a road book produced by us and a map. The itinerary is carefully described and complements the map, enabling you to complete the route without problems. This is the most economical solution.

Experienced guide: In some sectors, a guide is essential; paths that are difficult to find, remote areas etc. And your guide will provide the necessary liaison with the inhabitants for homestay accommodation or bivouacking. The “inconvenience” of a guide, principally if there aren’t many in your group… is their fee. But on the other hand, a guide will show you a Cape Verde that you would never have discovered on your own.

Trainee guide: This is a win/win formula. Our trainee guides gain experience and put into practice the information they have learned during their training, while you benefit from the services of a guide with only a small amount of experience but who knows the mountains very well and for a very reasonable price.

Baggage transfer or not?

NOBAI – baggage For all of our trips, we can organise the transfer of baggage (by vehicle and mule where necessary): you walk during the day with your small backpack and are reunited with your baggage at your accommodation in the evening. However, for some types of treks, this logistical solution is quite expensive. This is why we also offer you the option of leaving your baggage safely with us during the trek, which you carry out with the minimum necessary in your backpack: a few changes of clothes and your sleeping gear (bag + mattress).